A hydrobath is a combined bath-tub and shower that uses a specially designed recirculation pump. Providing a powerful mix of water and shampoo, a hydrobath is able to penetrate the thickest of coats, yet is gentle enough to massage the skin. This combination of power and volume of water together produces a hydro therapy massage. Your dog or cat will feel invigorated and totally relaxed after their pamper session and all in a fraction of the time taken by normal bathing methods.

Want to get technical? Here we go...A therapeutic water massage will trigger chemicals called Cytokines (really!). These chemicals affect the dogs hormonal system which bring down the level of stress hormones that weaken your dog’s immune system. It will assist in stimulating the blood circulation which in turn will increase the amount of oxygen reaching body tissues. Impressive!!!

Eye and Ear Clean:
Keeping your pooches eyes and ears clean is essential to their good health. There are many many issues which can arise from ear problems especially, such as wax build ups, ear infections, mites, allergies, matting, poor air circulation, bacteria and fungus. Did you k now that many pet insurance companies do not cover ear infections, the most common ear problem? Having your pets eyes and ears checked regularly will prevent these issues arising in the future.

Tails and Whiskers provide an Eye and Ear Clean in each and every package as I understand the importance of their proper maintenance. Each animal will receive a thorough inspection, oil based clean and a powder finish, to prevent water build-ups and air related issues. Any issues will be reported to you, at which time vets advice should always be sought.

Nail Trim:
It is easy to let your dogs nails get a little out of control, especially on a smalled dog where their weight and activity level means they are less likely to grind their own nails down. Leaving a dogs nails and letting them grow too long can cause many problems, the least of which is simple discomfort to the dog as they begin walking on their own nails, rather then the pads on their paws.

In addition to my Pamper Packages I also offer the following range of Services. These are priced on top of your bath package price, and can not be purchased alone.

(please see the Clipping page for more information)

I offer a clipping service for dogs and cats to help with matting, flea control, heat and skin conditions. While I am NOT a professional groomer, I am able to provide a general 'all over, even' trim either all the way down, or down to around 1cm.

Teeth Cleaning:
Teeth cleaning is available for dogs and cats, using a special minty pet tooth paste and tooth brush. This service, when utilised regularly, can help ward off gum diseases and bad breath.

$5 per dog or cat

Nail Polish
Included in the Deluxe Pamper Package, your choice of Gold, Silver, Pink, Glitter Pink, Purple or Red. Available for $2 in any other package.
Check out Mia and Rosie below, amazing models the both of them

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