SEDA stands for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia and I think that they are WONDERFUL!! I have been sponsering SEDA puppies for about 8 years now and am up to my 5th of 6th puppy (I've lost track!). How does it work? SEDA sends specially selected puppies to carer homes before being sent to their new vision impared owner. It is a long road from puppyhood to full fledged working dog and there are lots of wonderful people who help them get there.

Firstly the newly selected puppy is sent to their carer home. Here they are brought up in an environment filled with wonderful new sights and sounds everyday, so that they can become accustomed to everyday events. These might include trips to farms, shopping centers or schools, rides on trains, buses and ferrys, or even flights and carnivals. Anything and everything to ensure both them and their new owners safety in the future.

At the same time they are being introduced to the working world and are beginning to learn the basics of being a special SEDA dog.

Every few months the sponsor is sent a letter written from the puppy (from their perspective) which tells you all about the things they have been doing and seeing, people they have met, the home they are in and the people they call 'family' day to day. It is heart wrenchingly beautiful and the highlight of any trip to the mail box. As you can see they also send photo updates too. So cute!!

Eventualy the bumbling puppy has grown to a mature, hard-working pooch and is ready to go to their new home. This is where your sponsership ends. You can choose to walk away there and then feeling a sense of pride and achievement, as you have helped provide a very needy (and super thankful) visiually impared person with a faithful set of eyes. Or you can choose to start all over again with a new roly poly puppy.

All of this has been written from my perspective as a sponsor. SEDA had no input to any of the info here and I encourage any and everyone to check out their web site for more information. Sponsorship is only $20 per month and completely tax deductable. 

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