Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a mobile service?
A: Yes. I come to you. I service most of Northside Brisbane and all of the work is carried out in my mobile salon.

Q: Can I watch my dog/cat being pampered?
A: Of course you can!

Q: Are there any discounts for multiple animals?
A: Yep. For each additional animal I offer a $5 discount. Unless you have a discounted quote already. This discount can apply to your pets or even your neighbours. As long as they are pampered at the same address at the same appointment that is fine. This discount must be arranged at the time of booking.

Q: Do you work when it is raining?
A: Yes. Tails and Whiskers is Business Class Pet Pampering. Because I am in a van and not a trailer there are no elements that effect me. If it is raining I am able to close either the side of rear doors (or both) to keep any direction rain out. The same goes for a very windy day. On a very hot day it is always cooler in the van then outside as there is a great breeze that comes through. There is also a fan for extra cool.

Q: I can't decide if I want to get my pet clipped. Will he/she look silly?
A: Here's what I ask anyone who asks me about clipping. 'Is it for you or the dog?'. If it is for you then, yes, you have to take into consideration if you are going to like the look for a clipped pet. You will also have to ask it you are prepared to maintain a clip and keep the pet warm if the temperature drops.However, if you are considering clipping for the pets benifit then looks arn't really an issue. Clipping for the sake of the animal comes down the heat, flea and tick prevention, de-matting, pre or post holiday clip, a cat that doesn't clean itself or an outdoor cat who brings the outdoors indoors, an older dog who feels the heat more etc etc. If you can answer these questions then making the important clipping decision should be much easier.

Q: Do you do 'style' cuts or specific breed clips?
A: Sorry no. I am not a professional groomer and thus do not do professional clips. Please refer to my Clipping page for examples of my work.

Q: Are you a franchise?
A: No, Tails and Whiskers was started by me in 2008.

Q: Am I able to buy a franchise of Tails and Whiskers?
A: At the present time I am not wanting to franchise my business. However in the future there is a possibility that I will be wanting to expand so that I can pamper as many pets as need me. So please send expressions of interest my way, and jump on board the next generation of Business Class Pet Pampering!

Q: Can I have the same appointment every 2 weeks/3 weeks/month etc?
A: Sure you can! I can set up a regular booking on any day of the week that suits you, at a time most convenient to you. That spot remains yours until you don't want it, or would like to change it in the future. I will send you a reminder tect message the night before your appointment so you don't even need to remember it is coming up. You can change your day or time whenever you like, and can have a different pamper package everytime if you like. I tis absolutely no problem at all.

Q: Do I need to be home for my appointment?
A: No. As long as I am able to have access to a power point, an outdoor tap and the dog/cat then you absolutely don't need to be home. I realise that people work during business hours, and Saturdays fill up super fast. So hopefully this service helps!

Q: Do you except eft or credit card?
A: Sorry no, but you CAN pay by direct debit if you don't have cash handy! Who has cash on them these days!??!

Q: Do you work weekends?
A: Yes, I work 6 days a week monday through Saturday.

Q: How early/late in the day can I book my appointment?
A: I offer my first appointment for the day at 7am and my last at 4pm or 5pm, depending on the need. My van has interior lighting so lack of daylight is not an issue.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book my appointment?
A: Depending on how particular you are about the time of day y our appointment is, you can book as late as the day before (or even sometimes on the day!). There are normally 1 or 2 spots available each day due to cancellations, illnesses etc so if you get in early you could get lucky. If you want/need a specific time frame for your appointment though I reccommend calling at least 3 days prior. If you are after a Saturday appointment then I would advise calling at least a week in advance as Sat fills up very fast. If you are hoping for an appointment the day you are calling then I reccommend sending me a text rather then calling. I do not normally get my voice mail until I get home from work but check texts between jobs.

Q: My dog/cat is a bit nippy/elderly/has an injury etc, are you able to facilitate?
A: Absolutely! I have a range of products and techniques specially for these situations. Nippy dogs can be held is certain ways so as they are anable to bit. In very bad cases I have muzzles on board. Elderly dogs are able to sit for as long as I can possibly let them before having to stand for their tummys to be shaved or washed. older joints and aches and pains are ALWAYS taken into consideration. A form filled out before your appointment wil tell me about past injuries and things that might effect their bath time. All effort is taken to not aggrivate these, and a hydrobath is sometimes the best remedy for aching joints and muscles. Owners are also able to get involved if it helps the animal, assisting in holding or calming their furry family member.

Q: My dog has fleas...
A: No problem, lets work together to solve the problem. Starting with a flea wash hydrobath is a great way to combat a flea infestation. Just remember, where you see one flea there are 100 you don't see. Please check out my Tips and Tricks page for more info on how you can solve your flea woes.

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