Firstly, I am absolutely, positively NOT a professional groomer. The decision to have your dog or cat clipping can be made for any number of reasons, including matting, heat, fleas, Tick prevention and many different skin conditions. It was for these reasons that I began offering a clipping service.
I DO NOT however, offer breed specific style cuts, decorative clipping, remove hair from ears or remove hair from between toes.
For these services I strongly suggest contacting your favorite Doggy salon for a more professional clip. I am happy to recommend some great ones in your area.
For me it is all about the dog. Letís work together to help your pooch reach his or her greatest potential!

What I offer is a Full Body Clip service. There are 2 levels of this clip, being:

a) All the way down to the skin- Best for dogs with very bad matting, fleas, skin conditions or to start fresh at the start of summer. Also there are breeds such as most spaniels who normally only use this clip as their hair is so fine, any longer just doesn't make a difference. All cats will have this length clip.

b) Down to about 1/2cm- Best if it still a little chilly, if matting is only minor or your pooch just needs a tidy up. This is BY FAR the most popular clip.

C) Cat Clipping- For kitty cats I only offer an 'all the way down clip, due to the nature of the fur. This is also because of, generally, the reasons to have your cat clipped in the first place. I can, however, leave 'boots and a fluffy tail!

All Cat Clip packages include everything from the Kitty package the clip and costs $50.

There are 2 clipping packages for dogs, being;

1- Blow Dry

  • $66 (large dogs such as old english, large retrievers, shepherds etc, as well as very hairy dogs such as mals, huskys, samoyds etc)
  • $55 (for all other dogs)

2- Towel Dry

$55 (large dogs)

$49.50 all other dogs

For both of these packages your pooch will receive everything included in the Deluxe Pamper packages (such as nail clip, ears/eyes cleaned, ear oil and powder, breath freshener, deoderiser, leave-in conditioner and any flea or skin treatements). The only difference between the two packages is the method of drying.

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