Not to leave our Feline Friends out, Tails and Whiskers is proud to offer a Kitty package for that special pampered puss.

Included is:


Wet or Dry Bath
Towel Dry (no blow dry offered)
Eyes and Ears Cleaned
Claw Clip
Full Body Brush and De-Shed

$27.50 (inc GST)

Additionally you can have Teeth Cleaned ($5)

A Full Body Clip is also on offer. At this stage it is a clip all the way down, due to the nature of cat fur. This clip has the option of having 'boots' left on your kitty, as well as leaving a fluffy tail. This service is $55 (inc GST) and includes everything from the Kitty Package above, as well as the full body clip..

Tails and Whiskers has a strict NO DOPING policy, so please do not ask. If you think your kitty is going to be that much trouble them please seek vet or professional groomer advice.

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